About the company

In my experience – and it goes back for over thirty years – customers are seldom on the look out for a job done on the cheap.  What they do want, and what makes them feel nervous and afraid that they are not going to get it, is a fair job for a fair price, without trades people taking advantage of them by either overcharging or performing shoddy work – or indeed both.

Make no mistake, there are plenty of good honest trades people about.  The difficulty is in separating them from the sharks and the cowboys. How exactly is a potential customer supposed to tell them apart from a list of names in a telephone or online directory?

The cowboy trader knows you don’t know very much about the work he is doing.  If you did, you wouldn’t have called him out. And when your pipe is leaking onto your carpet or the car you depend on for work needs to be repaired he knows that once he has begun the job you are at his mercy.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that some people are terrified at the thought of having to call out a plumber or an electrician, for fear of the shock they are going to receive when his invoice is handed over.  And yet it shouldn’t be that way. Good trades people build up a reputation by providing decent, honest service and they are never short of work because the word gets around. But with some, unfortunately, greed takes over and the temptation to make an unearned fast buck at the expense of the customer is too good to resist.  They do themselves few favours, but they do their poor customers fewer still.

Always Here to Give a Helping Hand

When my brothers and I set up our welding business, Expert Welding Co., we resolved from the start that we would be straight down the line with all those people who placed their trust in us by taking us on.  We are experts in the field and we charge a competitive rate, but never do we undertake work which doesn’t need to be done, overcharge for what we do or fail to do the job properly that we’ve been taken on to do.  Our consciences would not allow us to do this, and our professional reputations mean too much to us.

One thing we always find is that we sometimes get asked to do other jobs that need doing, but which are outside our area of expertise.  Just in the last three years I’ve been asked to plumb in a washing machine, decorate a house and lay a carpet. To be honest, if it’s a small job like applying a dab of paint to a skirting or a window sill we’ll do it.  If on the other hand it’s something beyond our capability we will always know someone in the trade who will do it and do it properly, and we are forever happy to pass on recommendations based on our own experience.