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Expert Welding Co. Is a family business which has been in operation since 1984.  We think our prices are competitive but our customers say they are to good to believe, although we’re happy with them and we’ve no immediate plans to charge any more.

Although we call ourselves a welding company we perform other services for our customers if we can.  Or, if we’re asked to undertake something which we’re not confident we can do, we will put them in touch with some other trustworthy tradesmen from our own school of thought so that they can proceed in the confidence that they will be charged a fair rate and won’t get ripped off.

We would rather not do a job than do it badly.  To make a mess of a job through incompetence is bad enough and cannot be excused by anyone passing themselves off as a legitimate tradesman, but what sickens us even more is seeing so-called professionals deliberately cutting corners and producing shoddy work because they think they can get away with it.  People work hard for their money, they do not deserve to be mugged off by unscrupulous cowboy trades people who give all the rest of us a bad name.

Help Us Build This Blog

And that brings us nicely to this blog.  After many years of passing on news of what we do by word of mouth we have finally taken the plunge and decided to go technological.  We will be writing all about our business and what we are told is the excellent service we offer.

But there’s more, because we are not happy just for our customers and other friends to read our news and adventures.  We want you to join in by providing us with some of your own.

That is why we are going to make this into an interactive resource, where customers and indeed any of our visitors can contribute articles of their own.  That way we get a nice breadth of opinion and new perspectives – and we’re not so arrogant as to think that we know everything, even about our own special subject which is of course welding.

What We’re Looking For

Our blog is becoming increasingly popular and we are already getting something in excess of 2,000 hits each week.  By contributing 500-700 word articles for this blog you will not only help us to build a helpful resource for honest traders and their customers alike, but you will also be getting backlinks to your website which will help you to both increase traffic and build essential search engine recognition.  What is more, because this is niche traffic most of the hits you receive will be from people who are interested in what you have to say.

Or, if you prefer, you can submit articles anonymously and we will gladly withhold any information about your authorship.  It’s all up to you, but either way we would love to see you taking part in this project and helping it to grow.